Book Suggestions: (The text in green are books I have to loan Doula Clients)

-Ina May's Guide to childbirth - Ina May

-Ina May's Guide to breastfeeding - Ina May

-Born in the USA - Marsden  Wagner

-Creating your birth plan - Marsden Wagner
-Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn - Penny Simkin
-The Birth Partner - Penny Simkin
-The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth - Henci Goer
-The complete Guide to pregnancy and childbirth - Sheila Kitzinger
-Birth Crisis - Sheila Kitzinger
-Breastfeeding made simple - Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
-Dr. Jack Newmans Guide to Breastfeeding - Jack Newman
-The ultimate breastfeeding book of Answers - Jack Newman
-Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding - Le Leche League
-Heart and Hands A midwifes guide to pregnancy and birth - Elizabeth Davis
-The Doula Book - Marshall Klaus, John Kennell, Phyllis Klaus
-Birthing naturally The Christ Centered Handbook - Jennifer Vanderlaan
The Essential C-Section Guide - Maureen Connolly, Dana Sullivan
-Taking Charge of your Fertility - Toni Weschler
-Husband Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Childbirth - Robert Bradley
-The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving birth with Confidence - Judith Lothian, Charlotte DeVries
-Understanding the Dangers of Cesarean Birth: Making informed decisions -
Nicette Jukelevics
-The Faceless Cesarean - Caroline Oblasser

Movie/video Suggestions: (the text in purple are videos I have to loan Doula clients)

-Business of Being Born

-Orgasmic Childbirth

-Pregnant in America

-Birth Day

-It's my body, my baby, my birth

-National Geographic: In The Womb

-Comfort Measures for Childbirth

·         -Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass media chilbirth vs the real thing


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